A unique single stop strategy developed for INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG

The financial markets thought they had seen the best of Erwin Lasshofer when he developed another method to keep his organization ahead along with his investors. Earlier, he made a commitment to provide unmatched services to his clients and business partners, and now he employs a unique strategy to provide multiple services like asset management and the structuring of financial products under a single roof. The service available to clients with the strategy developed is exceptional.

With the introduction of this unique strategy, Erwin Lasshofer has ensured that a team of experts in corporate and investment banking is readily available for designing innovative financial products according to client’s specific needs. The team also assures flexible and assured management of personalized investment portfolios for clients.

Erwin Lasshofer has a passion for innovation, and this was the reason why he decided to develop a unique strategy because it only added to the credibility of the, innovative strategies of Innovatis It is this innovation that has helped Erwin Lasshofer build a network of entities of his business in different countries of the world.
Erwin Lasshofer is also recognized for the professional integrity he displays to this day from the time he started in his hometown Austria to become one of the best asset managers in the world. He has the belief that honesty and reliability along with his integrity are based purely on these values.

Innovatis (Suisse) AG looks forward to building deep and long-term relationships with clients and their business partners. To achieve his objective Erwin Lasshofer makes use of his experience in the world of financial consulting by assembling a team of highly qualified professionals to cater to every client’s individual account.
The wealth managers at Innovatis (Suisse) AG not just result oriented individuals but are a team of young professionals just as their mentor Erwin Lasshofer. Erwin Lasshofer talks about himself and Innovatis quite often providing information about how he is looking forward to making things more convenient for investors. Erwin Lasshofer has no hesitation in mentioning that his investment team is a class apart and is composed by a mix of young professionals and experienced individuals. They are experts in matters of corporate and investment banking and make a commitment to provide undivided attention to the accounts managed by them. Looking at how every individual within the team works it must be said none other than Erwin Lasshofer himself has handpicked them from a pool of promising candidates.