Erwin Lasshofer; the man behind INNOVATIS

The name Erwin Lasshofer has always been associated with success, achievements and innovations in the world of financial market and strategies related to it. So with such values and qualities, came INNOVATIS, Lasshofer’s own company which he established in Hamburg, Germany and later continued to spread its wings internationally across the border. INNOVATIS, since its inception has not been just a company but an institution that has been trusted and relied upon by several clients. INNOVATIS has got its value among several clients due to the transparency they maintain during interaction so that the client on the other side never stays confused or perplexed regarding a particular matter of concern.

INNOVATIS provides its clients with a one stop remedial service and solutions to their financial and asset management issues. So this ensures that the clients are being able to receive a tailor made custom fit solution and portfolio as per their individual needs and requirements. INNOVATIS is currently located in ten countries across the world. Lasshofer is the owner and managing director of INNOVATIS in Austria and he also acts as the member of the board for other INNOVATIS entities which are spread across.

Each and every INNOVATIS entities keep their focus on three vital areas of concern which are; the consulting branch, the asset management branch and the equity and real estate branch. The consulting branch mainly deals with assisting and suggesting their clients with the most suitable action plan that they might consider for their business which shall bring them positive results in future. The consulting branch also designs and structures several strategic development plans for all other entities of INNOVATIS. The asset management sector believe in setting up a long term relationship with various clients and help them by designing customized portfolios as needed by each individual. The equity and real estate branch funds and develops profitable projects and properties at a specific target which also involves working with some qualified third party development and advancements as well.

It’s now more than twenty years, Erwin Lasshofer has been successfully executing his professional genius in the field of financial market and consultation. This man, Erwin Lasshofer is an institution by himself who is a sheer knowledge bank with enriched values and tremendous far sightedness which has in long run made him and his establishment INNOVATIS a reputed name and a trusted brand among various potential clients.