INNOVATIS: Your independent partner in the financial world


Erwin Lasshofer is the owner of the INNOVATIS and is highly qualified as an asset manager with over twenty years of experience. He is a trusted name in the asset management world. He first opened INNOVATIS in 2001 in Germany and since then many INNOVATIS entities have established in many countries around the world such as South Africa and Panama.

In 2011 Erwin Lasshofer founded the INNOVATIS. With this he made a business infrastructure that adjusts to each client’s requirements. As a member of the board of INNOVATIS he determines the course and implemented the company’s ideas of one stop service center. Erwin Lasshofer presently works as a managing director and is the sole owner of INNOVATIS.

Erwin Lasshofer has over twenty years of management experience in this financial world and is the heart of the investment team. There are different entities and each of them is handled by the professionals. They are specialized in one of the three different aspects like asset management, real estate, and equity and consulting.

The asset management helps to bring the individual investment projects and then produce to each client. They are specialized in the active management of fixed income portfolios. The consulting works with other entities and with clients as well. They help the clients to build a successful organization.

The real estate and equity helps the funds and realize innovative projects that have been an average above cash flow, solid financial base and experienced management. They fund and develop projects that are owned by INNOVATIS. The most distinctive strengths of INNOVATIS are innovative financial product structure according the individual requirements of the clients. The INNOVATIS financial products feature a superior risk, return profile combined with the top standards protection and quality.

INNOVATIS is focused on the structuring of financial products and asset management. The combination services as one stop service center strategy makes INNOVATIS unique in the financial market. Erwin Lasshofer has come a long way from where he has started. He shares his story as an inspiration because he wants to tell all people that hard work and dedication really do pay off. Certainly Erwin Lasshofer has created something brilliant with the INNOVATIS.

INNOVATIS grants flexibility and speed for managing accounts. With the tailor made products, it also offers individual investment portfolios. The main goal is to be a long term service partner for the intermediaries and investors on international financial market. INNOVATIS wants to develop the sensibility and sense of the customers.