The Harbinger Of Financial Boom


 Erwin Lasshofer

A Unique Planner

Mesmerizing by finance at a very young age when Erwin Lasshofer was only 22 he started his career in financial service industry and worked for several different investment companies to learn the intrinsic factors. When he realized that he had learnt enough he took an intrepid move by launching a company of his own at the age of 24. A few years after the genesis of his investment firm he started planning of building a network of consulting firm that will provide the needs of investors irrespective of wealth. As a visionary he could see the perspective of his position with the company and after years of experience in 2001 INNOVATIS was born.

Erwin LasshoferThe Basement Of INNOVATIS

Erwin Lasshofer longed for with his cherishing desire to build a giant company that will create an era of financial boom regardless of any difficulty.Here Erwin Lasshofer talks about himself and INNOVATS that how he made his dream come true. With his vast knowledge and acquired experience he founded and co-founded several INNOVATIS entities in different territories in a very short time. These independent entities worked with diversified services like strategic development for investors, the trading of fixed income, management of regulated investment firms and other products. Finally, in 2011 he founded INNOVATS (Suisse) AG, an international investment firm that provides its clients with combined services of asset management and structuring of financial products for eligible customers finding the needs and requirements so that the delivery reaches its peak.

How An Impossible Is Made Possible

With the passage of time Erwin Lasshofer with his INNOVATIS had to challenge things with utmost skill especially in those territories where business sector was stroked hard to the ground for economic recession and calamity. Although the situation prevailing there is scary and clients were worried, Erwin Lasshofer reassured his investors to be firm and rigid with their position and not to be alarmed as he is a man of challenge and faced a lot of hardship to reach the position where he is now. So eventually he was able to make an instance of success beyond all these.

How The Team Is Dovetailed With Erwin Lasshofer

While making such an exemplary team he Erwin lasshofer had to go through extensive probe to sift the individuals to be recruited as team members. Erwin Lasshofer’s INNOVATIS organization is made up of deft team members with adequate knowledge and proven track record. Most importantly each team member had to give and prove the evidence of their vast knowledge and track record. As the management of INNOVATIS knows very well that their success is upon the relationship between their wealth managers and investors,they requested Erwin Lasshofer to supervise the investment team and the recruitment procedure for achieving the objective.